Cash Advance Loan

$50 to $5,000 paid out by 15:54 *


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Get your cash in 15 minutes once accepted*


We don’t credit check or charge any fees†

Fast 3 to 36 month online loans.



What is a Fast Cash Loan?

Cash Advance Loans are pretty much similarly defined with small, short-term, unsecured loans. This can be a bit confusing because it can also be named the same as payday loans, short term loans and the like.

There are even times that when you hear the term cash advance loans, it would seem to string up something negative like loans sharks or hidden fees and may tend to be unclear of what the customer should be paying for or how much. At SameDayLend we make sure that you have a clear understanding of the cash advance loans you are applying for as we are transparent with the agreement we provide you. We will constantly remind you to check on our Fee Statement in order for you to see and be aware of what our fees are.

Cash Advance Loan

Where Can I get a Cash Advance Loan?

You can get a cash advance loan in the easiest, convenient means possible, Pretty much everything is online now, your bills can be paid online. You can purchase food online, buying items are easy online so why can’t your loan processing be? At SameDayLend, the application is super easy, simple and right online.

Our application process is made sure to be as easy as possible and we make sure that all is clear so you get your instant loans without hassle. We highly value the service we provide you with our loan offers by ensuring you speed, convenience and security. We know borrowing money is never easy, convenient or even welcoming though so we make sure it would not be difficult for all thus we took out the barriers associated with lending – long wait, too much paperwork, and a number of complications.

Can I get a Cash Advance Loans without a Job?

Your financial situation may not be at all time stable. There could be a case wherein you may have recently lost your job and you would think that getting a cash advance loan is good to cover expenses up until you can find that next gig. We at SameDayLend may consider broking if in the case your Centrelink benefits account for less than 50% your total income but if you would like to be eligible, you must currently be employed.

We wouldn’t want to get you into a tougher financial situation than where you are now being unemployed as there are fees that need to be covered when getting the loan. Reconsider your application before sending it in to avoid difficulties in the future.

How to Take Out A small Cash Advance Loan?

Taking out a cash advance loan doesn’t require hard work or tedious paper works. As stated above that the application is made online and with the advancement of technology, our system at SameDayLend can work on your application quickly. Once the agreement is signed within the same business day, you can have your cash advance loan taken out in an hour.

Fast Approval Loans

How can I get a quick Cash Advance Loan without a Bank Account?

When you send in your application, part of the details that we will require from your is a bank account. At SameDayLend, we ensure to work on the assessment of your application in an hour, we then send you the agreement if we find your application is good for a cash advance loan and we then wait until you return to us the signed agreement contract. As soon as the agreement is received within 4:30 pm AEST business hours then we direct deposit your same day emergency loan proceeds to your account, simply put, we cannot process a cash advance loan without a bank account. For any queries or clarifications you would like to inquire, you can contact us for your questions.

We have made the process so simple that you can view the 3 easy steps as seen below:

  1.   The application is direct and is completely done online. Whether you use your phone, tablet or laptop, the application is easy with any of these gadgets.
  2.     Just follow the application procedure and you’ll receive a decision.
  3.     Once your mortgage application has been processed and approved, you can get the payday loan/funds right away in as quick as 60 minutes if you confirm the agreement by 4:30 pm AEST on banking days. But still depending on your bank, the deposit of your loan proceeds can reflect on your bank within minutes of confirming your mortgage within 7 days a week including public holidays*.

*Loan funds are transferred within 60 minutes when you have submitted a signed loan contract between 9:00 am and 4:30 pm AEST on business days. Clearance times are subject to your bank.