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Same Day Loans

Every adult knows that financial emergency strikes at the worst moment you can ever imagine. The sudden damages to your car will not consider that you just cleared out your account to repair a pipe burst in your home. Whenever you need an emergency loan, think Same Day Lend, providing emergency loans 24/7 in Australia as soon as possible is our speciality. 

Can You Get Same Day Emergency Loans Today? 

In this current age, where everything is digital, waiting is becoming unnecessary. On the same day you can easily get a lot of things done online quickly, even expense comes swiftly, hence solutions should come speedily too. Whenever you need money from an emergency loan, you don’t have to wait a long time for approval or schedule meetings at the lender’s office. At Same Day Lend, we offer instant emergency loans online and it is easily accessible to all. 

Fast Approval Loans

Same Day Loans? How SameDayLend Emergency Cash Loans In Australia Works.

To get qualify for emergency cash loans in Australia, you must meet the following criteria before you apply;

– You must be an Australian or a permanent resident of Australia

– You must be at least 18years old

– You must have a valid personal bank account that offers internet banking

– The majority of your regular income must not be Centrelink payments

As long as you meet all these criteria, you are eligible to apply for an emergency cash loan. Since financial emergencies do not discriminate, so do we. We offer emergency cash loans 24/7 in Australia to anyone eligible by meeting the above criteria. 

How To Apply Same Day Loans?  Online Application.

To get emergency cash loans, you must first start with creating a Same Day Lend account, then you apply for a small loan or a medium loan, whichever suits your needs. With a bad credit loan, you can borrow from 300 dollars to 2,000 dollars. A medium loan lets you borrow within the range of 2,050 dollars to 5,000 dollars. 

Log in online to your bank account with us, and we will scan through your financial situation together. We have years of experience offering emergency cash loans in Australia, so we will never offer you a loan you won’t be comfortable paying back. We offer to help you decide the right loan and amount that works for you and also help out in establishing a repayment schedule that you can afford easily.


After completing the application process, you will have to wait for a few moments for us to verify your application. If you apply early during business hours, before 4:30 pm we can approve and get your emergency cash loans within the hour.


With Same Day Lend, you don’t have to worry about any undisclosed fees and hidden charges. We operate a transparent system, you are clear about everything from the start. You can only see any changes if you change the terms of your repayments. To make it easier, you would automatically make repayments from your account because of our established direct debit structure. 

Direct debit erases the possibility of forgetting your payment or worrying about the transfer. You only need to make sure you have sufficient money in your bank account on the date you have chosen for repayment. We will notify you by sending an email 24 hours before to help you do so. We are not going to penalize you if you decide to pay back your loan early, we are only going to be happy for you! 

Choose Same Day Lend And Get A Loans To Help You With Your Emergency Same Day Loans

We have a lot more to offer at Same Day Lend than emergency cash loans 24/7 in Australia. No matter how urgent it is, you should not borrow money from just anybody. Make sure you work with someone who has years of relevant experience and is committed to providing excellent customer service. 


At Same Day Lend, for decades, we have been providing emergency cash loans 24/7 in Australia to those who need them. We have funded over one million and a half loans since we started. We have successfully removed the barriers associated with traditional lending, providing everyone with needed emergency funds when they need them. 

Customer Service

We offer fast loans to meet your needs. We are committed to offering the best application experience, which is to give you easy and quick access to your cash. After getting the loan, you can check for yourself online, your loan status, and repayments. We also help you decide on how much you need to borrow. We would like you to get in touch as soon as possible if you ever have a problem, we are ready to resolve it immediately. 

Same Day Emergency Loans

Find Australia-wide Emergency Cash Loans In One Hour, Get Same Day Loans 

Emergency loans should be taken only when you have an emergency, it is wise that you only borrow the amount you need at that moment to resolve your emergency. It is better that you do a quick calculation before you borrow. 

Calculate All Your Income

Sometimes, when an emergency arises, you may forget your other source of income apart from your regular salary. Sit back and do a calculation of all your income and the time they come in. Then, remove all the necessary expenses like your utility bills, grocery, car payments, and rent. 

After you have done this calculation, you will be able to know the amount you have left to work with. This can make you see if you need to cut back from your general expenses to cover your emergency expense.

Calculate The Whole Emergency Credit

Sometimes, emergencies have just one solution. Some require that you resolve the emergency with just one expense, and some might take on additional expenses, like transportation, medication, buying fuel, getting special food, etc. So when you calculate the amount you need for an emergency loan, you should include the hidden expenses so that you will be covered. 

Get Emergency Cash Loans Today, Same Day Loan

Cash Loans 24/7 In Australia. We are here to pick you up when life hits you hard. Contact us today, to get out of that seemingly tough financial emergency. 


Both Same Day Lend small and medium-sized loans are characterized by fast approval and transfer time. You could access your cash if your loan is approved before 4:30 pm during banking days. 

Warning; The above comparison rate is only for the given examples and may not include all the fees. In case the loan amounts, terms, and fees change the comparison rate would do too. Keep in mind that Same Day Lend does not offer guaranteed payday loans of 2,500 dollars for 2 years. 

Kindly go through our Fee Statement to see fee details. If you change your repayments schedule after your loan has been confirmed, you may have to pay additional charges