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Payday loans Online: How does it work?

In the year 2018 report, most people borrow an average amount rate of $812 to be used for emergency expenses such as; hospitalization, vacation with the family to untimely renovation/repair of their home.

However, we know exactly that Online Payday Loans is also known as loan sharks, due to high percentages/charges. People associated with this kind of business, intimidate or even harass borrower if they cannot be paid accordingly. They even used gangsters to force you to pay, including the penalty and hidden charges.

In reality, there are companies including us who lend money in very reasonable terms and conditions without hidden charges. Since our company started 1n 2005 we able to maintain from good standing to excellent as the years go by, so it means in we’re the right path.

High Approval Online Loans

Process of online payday loans, Short Term Loans, Short Term Personal Loan

A payday loan is also called a salary loan, cash advance, quick cash loans or Instant Approval Loans. Mostly, this type of loan is associated with an agreement. The lender will verify your employment record including your previous payroll, and this is payable within a short period (mostly one month).

People resort to these types of loans if they need the money right away and or if an emergency occurred. Budget management is also a reason since their expenses for the necessity like groceries and house bills were set aside accordingly.

What type of a Payday Loan does SameDayLend offer? Short-Term Loans?

At Samedaylend, we examine your (bankrate calculator) income versus expenses before our lenders decide how much money you can borrow comfortably. Your current payslip and expenses such as electric, water bills, are usually required . Below are the rates associated with different sized loans

Small amount loan: 20% establishment fee will be deducted to the total amount 

Medium amount loan: $400 fee establishment fee will be deducted. 

Small amount loan: loanable amount is $300-$2,000

Medium amount loan: loanable amount it $2,050-$5,000


 20% of loan amount + 4% of loan amount each month for small loans. Application fee of $400 + 47.6158% p.a. For medium loans. Comparison rate:** 65.6597% p.a.

Loan Terms- 

Terms of payment depending on the length of the loan

Small loan: 62 days to 9 months

Medium loan: 62 days to 22 months

Timing – Both Samedaylend Small and SamedaylendMedium Loans are offered with fast approval and funds transfer*. You could receive your money within 60 minutes if your loan is confirmed before 4:30 pm on a banking day.

WARNING: The above comparison rate is true only for the example given and does not include all fees. Different terms, fees or other loan amounts might result in a different comparison rate. Samedaylend does not offer loans for $2,500 over 2 years a term.

Please see full details of our full Fee Statement. Additional charges may apply If you want to reschedule your repayments after you confirm your loan.

It’s useful to have an understanding of the costs and features associated with each of our Samedaylend Loans. It’s also good to have an idea of how each one works, so we’ve given you some more information on these types of loans below.

Is Samedaylend Small Loan, same as Payday Loan? 

Samedaylend Loan is almost the same as a Payday Loan since they are both unsecured loans, it is also considered as a Short Term Loan or a Cash Loan. 

On the table above, as you can see the transparency with our cost and how it works, The Samedaylend Small amount ranges from at least $200 up to $500 and the term is 2 to 3 months.

  • We process loans quickly so you should receive your loan money to your designated bank account within one hour if your loan was approved before 4:30 pm during banking hours. 

There’s a great benefit on the said both loan options on the said online Member area. Just log in here and check your loan status and see and set your future payments to avoid default. 

  • By providing fast Payday Loans our personnel are still in touch with anything with regards to your Loan, you can call and reach us easily anytime. 

Bad Credit Payday Loans

What is a Medium Loan? Is it also a payday loan?

Definitely! It is just like a Small Loan, 

  • You’ll be surprised to know that this kind of loan gives you a chance to apply for a much larger amount of loan. You can apply with the Samedaylend Medium Loan for the amount ranges to $2,050 -$5,000.
  • On the said type of loan, you can borrow much larger amounts of money and benefit with longer terms of payment. Same with a smaller loan offering, you can select your terms of payment and you can set aside your budget for your payment and expenses.

There are terms available for up to 1 year and 10 months, and loan terms can be selected depending on your financial status.

  • You can log in anytime to our online internet application and manage your repayment plan on your loan. This is to keep you updated on your loan.

How can I obtain a Payday Loan from Samedaylend?

It is very easy, you can apply from our device using your laptop, a tablet or smartphone.

First Step: Choose what loan amount you would like and over what term

Second Step: Fill in your details on the application form

Third Step: You will get an answer within minutes once we verified your details and identity .

Once your loan is approved, the money will transfer directly to your bank account before 4:30 pm during banking days 

*Generally customers fund transferred within one hour upon signing of the contract loan (between 9:00 am and 4:30 pm AEST on business days). Time clearance is defending to your bank