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Get Instant Payday Loans Online with SamedayLend Now

Instant cash loans can help you during times of financial emergencies. Help us help you pay for unexpected expenses by getting a quick cash loan from our trusted lender. Searching the web for ‘instant cash loan’ will lead you to numerous websites and finding the most appropriate one will definitely take most of your time. With SamedayLend, we offer to do this grunt work for you with our lender-finding service.

We can find you trusted lenders who can offer you personal loans ranging between $300 to $10,000 which will be based on your financial need and repayment capabilities.

How can I get instant cash loans online?

As a lender-finding service, it is our mission to match you with a suitable lender who will be flexible to your unique financial needs. We may not give you a guarantee that our lender partners can give you instant loans online, we can assure you that we are going to match you with a trusted lender who can provide you easily with quick cash loans with the best of our abilities. You may get started with your application now by clicking ‘Apply Now’.

Our application process is 100% online. Yes, you read it right—no more printing and filling in mountains of paperwork, long waiting queues, or even phone interviews! At SamedayLend, we do things easily, simply submit your application form and let us do the rest of the job and help you get an online approved loan

So long as you submit all requirements and we find you eligible for a quick cash loan, we will try to match you with a lender that would be most compatible to your unique circumstances, eg. financial details and desired amount to borrow.

Instant Cash Loans Online

What are Personal Loans?

Personal loans are borrowed amounts by any qualified individual that are meant to spend on one’s personal needs and are slightly different to Instant Cash Loans Online. Whether that may be weekend vacation plans or a piling up utility bill. Repayment of this borrowed amount may vary depending on an agreed repayment loan terms, repaid in fixed instalments at specific interest rates over an agreed repayment period.

Personal loans can either be secured or unsecured.

With secured personal loans, a particular asset will be used as a security against your loan amount. Lender may be granted to sell this asset if you fail to repay you agreed upon loan amount.

While unsecured personal are loans wherein lenders will not have collateral against your loaned amount. Some lenders may allow you to payout your loan without requiring an additional fee for early repayment.

Whether you will be applying for a secured or unsecured personal loan, these are things that you should look for:

  •       The interest rate of your personal loan
  •       Is the interest rate fixed or variable?
  •       Are there application fees for a personal loan?
  •       Is it possible to be qualified for a personal loan with a lower interest rate?
  •       Are early repayment and extra repayments allowed? How about penalty fees associated with it?

If you are already clear with all these parameters, you can head over and apply for a loan. We may not be able to guarantee to find you instant cash loans, our team will try our best to find you a lender that would be most compatible with your financial needs and repayment capabilities who can provide you same day cash loans.

Pros of getting instant cash loans and personal loans:

  •       Be able to borrow any amount
  •       Pay off your high-interest debts with lower interest loans
  •       Longer repayment terms
  •       Get approved quickly
  •       Great credit score is not necessary
  •       Use your loans for any purpose

How to get approved for instant cash loans online?

Make sure to meet the following criteria before you apply with SamedayLend online:

  •       Be 18 years of age or over;
  •       Australian citizenship or residency;
  •       Have a personal bank statement showing your income for at least the past 90 days;
  •       Have a valid email address;
  •       Have a direct contact number.

If you pass these criteria, congrats because you are eligible to apply for a quick cash loan now!

Is it possible that I get an instant cash loan online with no credit check?

Having a bad credit score should not get in the way of you getting a personal loan now. Your credit score will not be the top and only basis for our trusted partner lenders to decide to offer you cash loans asap. Some of our partner lenders may ask to see your credit score, but we assure you that we will find you a lender who will be understood that your credit score was just part of your past, and it is better to look at your current bank statements and overall relationship with money by assessing your spending habits, income, expenses, and other financial commitments.

Can I still apply for a payday loan even if I’m on Centrelink?

Absolutely. Traditional lenders may easily reject your loan application when they see that you’re receiving benefits from the government, however, here at SamedayLend, we do not think that is fair. Since financial emergencies can happen to anyone, personal loans should also be accessible to those who may need it, whether they may be under Centrelink or not. This is why our team will find you lenders who will see beyond that and happily accepts loan applications from people who receive benefits from Centrelink.

Fast Approval Loans

What is a lender-finding service?

Searching the web for the most reputable online lenders is such a tedious task since you need to compare costs and terms of different lenders. You also need to make sure that you only send applications to reputable online lenders. This task can take an individual days to finish, but with SamedayLend, we will take that task off your hands and get to work immediately to find you your most suitable lender who is honest and well-trusted.

How to apply for an instant cash loan online with SamedayLend?

100% online! It’s super easy and can take you only a few minutes to complete. Simply follow the steps below:

Step 1: Apply 100% online

Scroll up to the top of this page and use the slider to choose the amount you wish to borrow and your preferred repayment period, and then click ‘Apply Now’.

Step 2: Fill in the application form

This step should only take you a few minutes to fill in completely. Be reminded that you should be truthful about the details and few documentation that you will provide us. Click ‘submit’.

Step 3: SamedayLend processes your application and finds you a lender

This is the time that we will try to match you to a suitable lender. If we are successful in finding you a lender, the details you provided us will be forwarded to them and expect that they will contact you soon.

Step 4: Read, review, then sign your contract and get your cash!

Your loan application will be assessed by a lender and If your loan application has been approved congratulations! You will probably be offered a loan agreement, if you plan to accept it, a contract agreement will be sent to you for signing. Make sure to read over the contract, including all terms and conditions of the agreement. If you have any concerns or questions that need to be clarified, kindly reach out to us so we can assist you immediately. If there are no more concerns, review the contract again and sign it.

When the lender receives your signed contract, your cash loan will be sent to you shortly after. Some applicants may receive the funds in their account within a few days or within the same day of application, this shall vary depending on the time of your application and your lender.

Head over to our FAQ page if you have further queries or concerns regarding what we do here at SamedayLend.